Troubleshooting Ring Doorbell Going Offline

What to Do if Your Ring Video Doorbell Goes Offline

There are many possibilities that could have caused your Ring Video Doorbell to lose its connectivity, such as; your power being temporarily lost, the device is suffering from low power, change of WiFi network password, or possibly a power surge may have occurred that caused a problem with your router.

Don’t worry just yet! Most of these circumstances are just temporary; and most likely, your video doorbell will automatically reconnect to the network as soon as the cause of the issue cleared itself up. If you find your video doorbell is still remaining disconnected, then you’ve come to the right place to seek some help.

Here are a few things to try to get your Ring product(s) back up and running:


  • Verify that the issues occurring are the result of a WiFi disconnect.


To check this, open up the Ring app. Once opened, click on your Ring device and then select the option labeled “Device Health”. You will see a couple of categories filled with information, look for the section labeled “Network”. If your device is indeed offline, then its status should say “Offline” next to it. 


  • Check your network wiring.


Make sure that the wires connected to your router are plugged in properly. To determine if everything is plugged in and working, all of the lights on the front of the router should be green.


  • Check another WiFi device for connectivity.


See if any of your other household devices are having issues with connecting to your home’s WiFi. (Ex: mobile device, computer, tablet, etc.)  


  • Restart your WiFi network.


To restart your router, start by unplugging the wire that gives it power. After unplugging, wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in. After rebooting, you should see steady power and connections lights; this should give your Ring device a chance to try reconnecting.


  • Turn off the power to your video doorbell.


You can do this by going to the video doorbell’s breaker box and turning off the power. Wait about 30 seconds after doing this, then turn it back on. After a few seconds, see if it automatically reconnects.


  • Try putting your video doorbell in setup mode.


To put your device in setup mode, just simply press the side button on your video doorbell. After doing this, wait 10 seconds, then press it again and check to see if it automatically reconnects.


  • Check to see if your video doorbell is getting sufficient power.


While voltage issues are rare, it’s not unheard of for the Ring Video Doorbell to have low voltage issues that cause it to go offline. Voltage issues happen when your video doorbell isn’t receiving enough power from your doorbell transformer.

To check your voltage level, open up the Ring app. Click on your Ring Video Doorbell, and then tap “Device Health”. For proper functionality, your device voltage must be at least receiving 3,900mV, and the power source must supply a minimum of 16VAC. If the transformer supplies less voltage than what is required, then you will need to upgrade your transformer in order to get everything working properly.