No Picture Showing When Starting Up Roku

No Picture Showing Up When Turning on Your Roku?

Here are a few things to try to get your Roku back up and running:


  • Verify your Roku has power.


Look for the power light on the front of your Roku. If your Roku has power, then this light should be lit up in the front right corner.


  • Check you’re on the correct TV video input.


Make sure you are on the correct TV video input that your Roku is connected to. In order to check, grab your TV’s main remote control and find the button named either “Source”, “Input”, or “Aux”. Click this button to toggle through the options and try each one if you are unsure which one is the correct video source that your streaming device is connected to. 


  • Make sure your Roku is properly plugged in.


  • Restart your Roku.